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Storage Units

Superior Storage offers a range of storage units sizes to meet your needs 

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Storage Sizes available…

We have many different unit sizes for many different uses including storage suitable for homes, businesses, personal items, vehicles and boats.

Document and Commercial Storage
$75/month or $18.50/week

Small (7 cubic m)
Unit size 1.5 x 1.5 m (2.25 m2)

$90/MONTH OR $22.50/WEEK

Small – Medium (9 cubic m)
Unit size 1.5 x 2.0 m (3 m2)

$110/MONTH OR $27.50/WEEK

Medium (12 cubic m)
Unit size 2.0 x 2.0 m (4 m2)

$140/MONTH OR $35.00/WEEK

Large (18 cubic m)
Unit size 3.0 x 2.0 m (6 m2)

$160/MONTH OR $40.00/WEEK

Extra Large (22.5 cubic m)
Unit size 3.0 x 2.5 m (7.5 m2)

Rates Effective from 1st May 2021

Residential Storage

$120/MONTH OR $30.00/WEEK

One bedroom (13.5 cubic m)
Unit size 3 x 1.5 m (4.5 m2)

$185/MONTH OR $46.25/WEEK

Two bedroom (27 cubic m)
Unit size 3 x 3 m (9 m2)

$230/MONTH OR $57.50/WEEK

Three bedroom (40.5 cubic m)
Unit size 3 x 4.5 m (13.5 m2)

$295/MONTH OR $73.75/WEEK

Four bedroom (54 cubic m)
Unit size 3 x 6 m (18 m2)

$330/MONTH OR $82.50/WEEK

Five + rooms (67.5 cubic m)
Unit size 3 x 7.5 m (22.5 m2)

Boat Storage 

$120/MONTH OR $30.00/WEEK

Up to 6 m Boat
Carpark – uncovered

$350/MONTH OR $87.50/WEEK

8 m Boat (76.5 cubic m)
Size 3 x 8.5 m (25.5 m2)

Car Storage

$100/MONTH OR $25.00/WEEK

Up to 6m Car 
Carpark – uncovered

$330/MONTH OR $82.50/WEEK

7.0 m Car (67.5 cubic m)
Size 3 x 7.5 m (22.5 m2)

The terms of the storage are

  • The minimum stay is one month (you can stay less but you will be charged the full month).
  • payment is required in advance.
  • 7 days notice of departure is required.
  • Security access card (cost $5) is required.
Need help to transport your goods to Superior Storage?

We work in closely with a local Rotorua furniture moving company so we can put you in touch with the experts.

free trailer is available to new and existing customers to transport goods to and from our facility.

Usage terms – $50 bond payment is required to use.

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Moving Tips

Need assistance with you move? Follow our handy tips for a smoother move.

Moving Companies

Moving can be very stressful and suggest that you use a moving company, there a number of national carriers that service the whole country or if you are moving within the Rotorua / BOP area then we can recommend a company to service your needs, please contact us for advice.

Transporting Valuables

If you have fragile or valuable items we recommend you use the right kind of packaging and that you transport them yourselves. Alternatively if you are using a moving company then label as fragile and ask them to pack carefully.

Moving With Children

Our storage yard can be a busy place so recommend you get someone to look after children on the day of moving but if that is not possible then best that they say in the car (with windows down) or under your supervision at all times.

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