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Superior Storage offers a full range of packaging products, mattress protectors and padlocks to meet your moving and storage needs.

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Packaging price list

Review below to choose your options for moving and storage boxes, packaging protectors, tape and utensils.

Packaging boxes
$5 each

Tea chest box
Size: 431 x 406 x 596mm

$3 each

Books and wine box
Size: 406 x 298 x 431mm

$4 each

Crystal carton box
Size: 403 x 301 x 330mm

$5 each

Archive box
Size: A4 and hanging files

Bubble wrap

$6 each

5 metre bubble wrap
Size: 500mm x 5 metres

$12 each

10 metre bubble wrap
Size: 500mm x 5 metres

Mattress protector

$10 each

Queen mattress protector
Size: 2500 x 1600 x 300mm

$8 each

Single mattress protector
Size: 2250 x 1200 x 250mm

Packing tape


Packing tape rolls
Size: 48mm x 100 metres


$3 each

Retractable knife
Comes with: Snap off Blade

$12 each

Size: 40mm

Tips for packing your household belongings before the move

  • put all items into boxes and anything that doesn’t fit into boxes should be covered.
  • cover up large items including sofas and mattresses will ensure they stay clean.
  • start a list of items for storage so you can easily check off item as you pack them and know what you missed to pack.
  • label boxes room by room and use colour stickers for easy unpacking later
  • ensure heavy items are packed in smaller boxes so they are easy to move.

Tips for packing your storage unit

  • to ensure you can fit all your belongs, take some time to plan the layout of your storage unit.
  • check items on a list for storage from the labelled boxes so you can easily locate them later or for any claim for damages.
  • use the checklist to note the value of all items in storage and get insurance cover in the event of loss by break in or fire,
  • ensure your have access paths to get to all items easily when you need them.


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Packaging Boxes

Moving Tips

Need assistance with you move? Follow our handy tips for a smoother move.

Moving Companies

Moving can be very stressful and suggest that you use a moving company, there a number of national carriers that service the whole country or if you are moving within the Rotorua / BOP area then we can recommend a company to service your needs, please contact us for advice.

Transporting Valuables

If you have fragile or valuable items we recommend you use the right kind of packaging and that you transport them yourselves. Alternatively if you are using a moving company then label as fragile and ask them to pack carefully.

Moving With Children

Our storage yard can be a busy place so we recommend you get someone to look after children on the day of moving but if that is not possible then best that they say in the car (with windows down) or under your supervision at all times.

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